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About Us

Theatre-Studio “Studentina” is a nonprofit arts organization founded in 1958. The organization is formed for the purpose of developing and promoting the work of artists in the field of performing arts. Over 40 performances were created in the studio since its founding until now. Currently Theatre-Studio “Studentina” is situated in the National Student House in Sofia, Bulgaria where it has an office and heated halls, where diverse types of arts, such as contemporary dance, music, contact improvisation, acrobatics and theater are practiced.


Petya Bojinova

Petya Bojinova is a freelance artist. She graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia in "Dance Theatre" in 2007. She travels and participates in numerous workshops in Bulgaria,

Ivaylo Dimitrov

Ivaylo Dimitrov is a freelance artist. Member of the association "Based on a true story". Winner of the first prize in the contest for contemporary Bulgarian choreography


He has been teaching and performing martial arts for over 30 years. He started with judo in 1976, later continued with Shotokan Karate, Vietnamese school Viet Vo Dao Miao Dao, Ai Ki Do and Tai Chi Chuan.

Nikolai Byrzakov

Nikolai Byrzakov is an actor and stage director. He is participant and winner of many international theater festivals in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Serbia, Macedonia and others

Sasha Krastarska

Sasha has been practicing and performing dance improvisation, contact improvisation and contemporary dance since 2005. She participated in the classes of Julian Hamilton, Frey Faust, Kira Kirsch, Nita Little, Francesco Skaveta, Yanel Plument, Masako Naguchi, David Zambrano and others ...

Over the past 15 years we were gathering capacity in the field of contemporary dance, as recognized and renowned choreographers and dancers have had classes and performances in our studio. We’ve supported and worked together with numerous musicians, some of them highly successful, such as musicians from “Oratnitza” band. For three consecutive years we support the rehearsal process of artists in contemporary circus and acrobatics. We have 15 years experience in dances with fire and fire tools.

Our desire is to give impetus to a dance company with professional skills and allow more young people interested in the performing arts to join the community.

Training in modern dance techniques, contact improvisation, fire poi and object manipulation, tango, tai chi, the physics of the human body in motion, Body Mind Centering and embryology, etc.