Project for creation of harmoniously space with the nature that combine people with different interests, professions and occupations.

The project foresees the development of space in the nature, which we callBulgaraya”.

It is created to combine different ideas connected to the art, the inner peace of the human and those with the nature, development of its potential. Different methods of non-verbal communication are investigated in the centre. The possibilities for grouping different people with different interests, professions and occupations are investigated in society, that offers investigations, knowledge and experience exchange and at the same time achieving the construction meter by meter of common harmonious space with the nature.

Bulgaraya is an idea and place for creative work, inspired by the nature.

Three houses with adjacent spaces an hour away from the city of Sofia, in small almost solitude village, in semi mountain area.

The place is an opportunity for:

- artists, who want to work over their creative projects;

- members of separate teams, who exchange experience and investigate the opportunities and the potential for development in different areas: permaculture (for example gardening meetings, fruit-growing, permaculture design, etc.), construction with natural materials and related events, meetings related to different health practices (for example cleansing, yoga, etc.), nutrition, meditations and other spirituals, creative meetings in the different arts sphere (dance, music, photography, theatre, arts, etc.), investigations in the psychology sphere, the childrens education and many more natural ideas and studies.

- volunteers, who assist during the construction and the development of the project.

It is envisaged that each team or group shall carry out regular meetings in appropriate for this purpose season and in accordance with the desires, possibilities and needs of the groups and the causes.

The basic idea is the encouragement and the development of the abilities for creative work and improvisation. Investigation and development of the human potential.

Goals, mission:

Investigation of the potential for grouping and energy collecting of the humans, coexistence (as between humans so with the nature);

Practice grounding to became an example for the development of other similar communities;

-Real improvement of the life quality, now, currently, by active, creative rest, communication in relaxed, free and secured environment.

-Creating favourable conditions and environment for development of the individual.

Common activities:

Organization activities: organization of events, general meetings, documents issue, etc.;

Ecology: preparation of plans, cleaning, forestation, care for wild animals, information campaigns, etc.;

Improving the conditions in the centre: Building restoration, building a bathroom, platform for bigger events, small bridge over the gully, rope garden, workshops, internal smaller and bigger improvements.