We all have rhythm! Rhythm of speaking, walking, heart rhythm and rhythm of life.
The rhythm of each of us is different. But when a group of people are synchronized in one common rhythm, they become part of something much bigger.

On this drum session we will explore the Brazilian Batucada rhythm – samba reggae beat. Various percussion games and exercises will help us for coordination and pulsation of the rhythm. After that we’ll combine them in one beat.

In order to participate you don’t need any prior training or music experience.

Leading musicians:
Petar Yordanov – Bunny – percussionist
Bozhidar Stoichkov – percussionist
Borislav Dimitrov – Capoeirist-percussionist

“Our aim is to guide you and help everyone to find their rhythm and to join the overall sound balance. To achieve this we’ll use traditional Brazilian instruments for Samba Batucada”.

For information and registration: Peter Yordanov – Bunny
0899 842 551